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Get a long-lasting, classy, and durable flooring investment when you call PREMIER FLOORING. Our goal is to provide excellent flooring services in Longmont, CO, that help increase your property’s value.

Additionally, hiring our technicians helps you save time for more important things. They can get the work done fast with minimum supervision and ensure quality isn’t compromised.

Concrete Flooring Installation and Restoration

Many prefer concrete floors for their durability and longevity, and PREMIER FLOORING is ready to install them on your property. Even better, we also offer concrete restoration, which can prevent further damage to your floors.

Let us give your home, office, or workshop that stunning design feature you desire. Call us to schedule a free estimate for concrete flooring installation or restoration costs.

Features of Concrete Flooring


Your property’s interior and exterior surfaces take the brunt of almost all activities in your space. So, they must be strong enough to withstand foot traffic, vehicles, and furniture moving across them. That said, you must choose concrete surfaces for your home or business because they can stand the test of time.

Also, saying concrete is strong is an understatement. Simply put, concrete is unparalleled in its structural and building applications. And choosing our concrete flooring services shows that you are committed to quality, craftsmanship, and resilience.

Expansive Beauty

Gone are the days of gray, lifeless concrete. You can now choose decorative concrete floors that reflect your unique style and taste with various colors and patterns. Our design team will help you find the most suitable combination for your space, so you can enjoy attractive, low-maintenance flooring that will last for many years.

So, call today to discuss your project with us. We offer special promotions!


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Hours of Operation:
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